Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wish you were here!

Looks yummy, huh? The end to an almost perfect day, in my opinion. True, my van was acting crazy so we had to drive the truck. I'm sure we'll be looking at a nice bill from the mechanic but today we put all that out of our minds.

We tucked those icky thoughts away like winter clothes when the glorious days of summer hit.

Today, we lived for today!

Today we went to our favorite places... the antique gallery and Consignpointe, a consignment store here.

Both are full of lots of little treasures.

I think what I like best about them is how you can loose yourselves in time, like a time traveler - walking through the decades with every step.

Out of every old and beautiful treasure we saw...

we brought home this item...

No, it doesn't carry with it the dust from decades gone by but it's something that I've been wanting and, as always, it was a quite bargain.

Today was a nice day. Wish you were here!
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  1. I love that bed, it is so gorgeous.


  2. It was gorgeous and even more wonderful than you can tell from the picture. Very grand! It's price was $500 in case you're curious about the cost of things you don't intend to buy, like myself. LOL!


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