Monday, January 11, 2010

A new old table, farmhouse style

Last night, as usual, my hubby was surfing Craigslist.
He's been looking for a table that has a farmhouse style to it. He really likes the look of a farmhouse table and I'm okay with replacing ours. I love it's retro shape but It's legs are in need of a revamp and the side laminate is peeling. I could go on but let's just say it has some old age issues.

Notice the sides and legs aren't the focus of this picture?

So my hubby draws my attention to an ad for a table, 5 chairs, and small credenza priced @ $40 for all - no picture. The fact that I've been looking for a small cabinet to hold our daily homeschool items helped to persuade us to check this ad out.

Here's what we saw...

Okay, so that's a shot after it got to our house, but what do you think? A great buy?

It has nice lines and I really like farmhouse tables in the homes of others. I have to admit that it does push me a bit outside of my comfort zone. It's more country than I'm used to seeing in our home, except for when our relatives are over.

I can't promise that I won't toss the chairs for a more modern take or that the thought of metallic spray paint hasn't crossed my mind. I'm going to envision something a bit more "typical" for now, though.

Here's what I'm thinking...

I do my best thinking in the bathroom, lol. Okay, not really. I was just trying to get away from the kids.
alphabet chart on the wall you ask? It's for my 4 year old who does a ton of thinking and singing in the bathroom.

Getting back on the subject...
I wish I weren't such a neutral gal. I would love navy blue legs but probably only for a moment.
This table and cabinet are in need of a major refinish, even on the top. So besides white chairs and black table legs, I also see a weekend full of refinishing fun and a massive hunt for a missing or different chairs.

As an ode to tables everywhere, here is a collection of images for your viewing pleasure...

Of course there is always this option.

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  1. guys got a fabulous deal...there is always paint and wonders! Enjoy. Love the matching hutch too!

    I came over to visit today from "A Doctor in the House" blog. Your blog is lovely. I will be back again to browse and visit soon!

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  2. I like the modern look...maybe a twist on the chairs? Good deal though!!

  3. Carrie, thanks for stopping by. :) We'll, hopefully, work some wonders on this table this weekend. ;)

    Brighton, I'm big on modern finds, too. At the same time, I can't give up the traditional stuff. We're keeping our eyes peeled for some more modern chairs and trying to think of ways to reinvent the more traditional ones. ;)


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