Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coastal Mid-Century Living Room

Hot off the SD card, pictures of our living room!

First up, the almost a blank canvas photo....

Now add in some art...

Big reveal...
I would call it a a bit traditional, a lot mid-century, and every bit coastal.

Just move your mouse back and forth over the image below to see the room magically transform in the blink of an eye.
Disclaimer: actual length of the "blink of an eye" will depend on your computer and internet connectivity

Reveal photos...

Lovely earth pillow I blogged about here!

The not messy side of the mantle. I blame the other side on tons of Christmas cards and an old lonely candy cane.

Two ships in frames and seashell print - Gotta love Goodwill!

This mirror recently forwarded it's mail from the master bedroom to the living room...
(lone ball courtesy of our toddler)

My mid-century love and my favorite coffee table in the whole world!

The feel? Relaxed.

Now, let me show you my bare minimum to-do list for this room in pictorial form.
(Maybe me posting this will motivate us to bring this list to fruition.)

1. Traditional style table for the area between our chair and couch? Yep! Bring it on! It made numero uno on my to-do list.

2. Replace this plain stand-in with some that have a bit more character.
These would be my dream find...
(Big hearts all around that picture! Love, love!)

3. These... lighter, ball shaved off, and numbers carved into them, like buoys.

4. Hello Blue! That's what I hear this mirror saying. Don't hear it? Stick your ear to the screen, it's like a seashell. :)

I could probably throw some minor fixes on that list but I'll be happy to get these four things done, for now.

Hope you all enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Well, we've got plenty more that need makeovers. Are you offering? LOL. Just kidding. :)

  2. Your living room looks fabulous! I love the feel of it. You are right, it is relaxed and looks put together but not over done.

  3. Thanks. I love a room that looks "collected". I'm glad to find someone else that appreciates that. ;)

  4. Your room looks so warm pretty and inviting. Beautiful job!


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