Thursday, January 21, 2010

My what nice soap you have!

The better to wash your manos with, my dear!

Are you a gal or guy that likes your soap to look purdy?

Yeah, me too.

Ever since I bought my first soap caddies from Williams-Sonoma, oh so long ago, it's been an obsession.

For the last year I've been wanting something that looked like and old seltzer bottle but worked as a soap dispenser. Sadly, my search hasn't turned up any.

I have come across several great ideas though. You wanna see?

Just click the picture for the link.

First up... soap dispenser created by bloggers...

How about this vintage beauty with a pour spout?
You can actually buy the spouts and pop them into a bottle of your choosing!

Or this terrific and easy homemade tutorial for personalized soap?

How about some Etsy finds?

The person that makes these will monogram them, too.

And, I love this. I can see it with some milky white soap. So simple but beautiful!

Or what about this rustic beauty? Fantastic!

Maybe you require some glitz and glam? Ah! Sparkles!

Maybe ebay is your forte?

Hearts all around this charmer...

I'd love to hear any of your soap makeover ideas! :)

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  1. I've got nothing... but yours are gorgeous!! That spout, what a wonderful idea. I bet a bartender came up with that one :)

  2. Yeah, that spout one had me drooling, too!


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