Saturday, January 23, 2010

S. Y. Wilson & Co.

Do you ever have a Saturday that starts with getting in your vehicle and proceeds to this conversation...

Hubby: Where do you want to go?

Me: Oh, I don't know. Where do you want to go?

That was this Saturday. Where we wound up was someplace wonderful, though.
I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera. If I had known we were going to visit this place I would have brought the video camera. I did manage to snap a few pictures with my phone, though.

Out of the blue, we finally wound up going here:

This little store began it's life in 1893 and has been run continuously since. The walls, floor, and ceiling are all original to the store. My daughter thought that was really cool. It went from a general store to what it finally is today, a gallery of antiques and historic items.

The second floor had a rope up so you could look but not enter. It contains tons of old stuff that I could have stared at all day, had our son not been acting Completely Horrible! The second floor had more antiques you could buy and antique caskets to gaze at!

Of course there are other sites around this little town that are adorable, especially the old houses. We enjoyed peeking in all the windows and doors this lovely lady had to offer on the ground level. We like to picture ourselves living there, even though it's just a daydream.

We did pick up some cool things today, including a comforter from Marshalls. I've had no luck finding a paisley comforter in the colors I wanted. After several trips that ended with us returning empty handed, I could tell my hubby was really anticipating a new comforter. To speed things up, I picked up this white one. I really love the crispness of a white comforter. If I ever decide on a print then I can always coat it in a duvet. :)

We picked up the spools at Wilson's for $1 each! We picked up the old bottle at Wilson's, too. My hubby thinks it's a perfume bottle. Can you believe it was only $2? We were happy to find that the pump on it still works. My hubby loved the salt and pepper shaker set. It's not an antique, but the caddy is easy to take back and forth to the table and the shakers that fit in it are cheaply replaced if the kids break them, unlike our last set of fancy S&P shakers.

Here's a website link if you are interested in more information on S. Y. Wilson & Co.

Happy, Happy weekend!

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  1. Love all your findings! That looks like a really neat store. I'm sure I could find a few goodies in there too! I think your little bottle is used to know, the kind you use on plants like ferns.

  2. OH my goodness! How fun! Thank you so much for your idea about my ring. It really does break my heart that I can't wear it! I will have to go see if I can get it done. Thanks.

  3. A plant mister! I hadn't thought of that. It does have a handle on it, so that makes sense!

    Melissa, no problem. Here's a picture of a ring with sizing balls. :)


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