Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thinking of photo and art displays

Here I go dragging home more ____________ that I just couldn't pass up. Oh, but I am in love with these/this and it will make me happy to see it peering back at me daily.

(You can insert prints, lithographs, or other types of art in that blank.)

That's my usual thought after leaving Goodwill or the antique shops - or anywhere for that matter. If you're like me art really speaks to you. I enjoy collecting and looking at my favorites. Most didn't cost me over $3.oo, but I love them just the same.

While surfing, the net that is, I found a few photos that I liked. All share a common thread - loads of frames, pictures, art, prints... You get my drift.

This is from one of my favorite magazines, Elle Decor. I love how they hung the art in a hodgepodge from the ceiling to the floor. Just when I thought I couldn't collect anymore!

I ran across this idea, too. It's new to me. Nope, never seen this before, but I love it. I would think that almost everyone has owned one of these shelves at some point in time. I like how they've flipped the traditional shelf and used it to bring the eye up to that starry ceiling. This would work nice over windows, too.

The idea below is, most likely, not new to you. I love this version of it, though. That shelf is very beat up and has tons of character. It plays well with the the blinds and trunk that mirror it's splotchy coloring.

But, the thing I like most about this photo display is that it isn't symmetrical. The wood case has three dividers on the three bottom shelves on the far side. I really like that. To me, those three simple pieces of wood make all the difference.

I wanted to redo some furniture this week but the weather here has been amazingly cold. Maybe I'll tape hand warmers to my body and brave the cold anyway. LOL.
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