Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vine + Letter = Warm Welcome

As a tribute to my hubby's work in his math class, I have done a bit of math myself.

I ran across a long vine the other day.
In retrospect, I really didn't "run across it". I went to the store just to get it. Either way, I ended up with one very long vine.

Then, I added an "e" I bought at Pottery Barn.

When I got home I drilled a hole in the bottom and stuck a wooden dowel in the hole.
I think my hubby thought I was making some type of strange fairy wand, but no.

These two now share a common residence...
in my door bucket.

This go 'round I wanted something fresh, simple, and white.
I think these two things add up nicely.

I love how full and hangy it looks.
Hangy isn't really a word, I know, but it does look full and hangy. Doesn't it?

To me, it's a perfect welcome for late winter/early spring!

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  1. Hello,
    I think the your door decor looks really cool and you could always add a few different colors of foliage or flowers, maybe a few for summer or fall, such a coleus plant or leaves or pepper berries always look great or even black sweet potatoe vines in lime green or the one called blacky, it always looks great with almost any flower color...just a suggestion, but it still looks great just as it is!!!

  2. I Love the look of pepper berries! I may even have some around here, somewhere. :) I just Googled the black sweet potatoe vine. Lovely! I could imagine doing a ton of beautiful displays with that! Thanks for the tips!

  3. Love it! Very creative! :o) And thanks for visiting my blog! :o)


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