Monday, January 25, 2010

Goodbye Creepy Kitchen Floor

Creepy floor, meet readers. Readers, meet creepy floor.

I know this travesty is enough to get any food joint shut down, so I feel the need to explain...

We scraped through four layers of linoleum to get to this point. Our plans were to stain the concrete to match the rest of our casa.

Then we ran into this nightmare, cue slasher music.
It's a combination of glue, the back part of a layer of linoleum, and God only knows what else.
We've tried scrapers, chemical cleaners, you name it. Nothing seemed to get it all up.

Fast Forward A Year... ROFL!
The other day we found ourselves wondering around Lowe's.
When we walked by the vinyl planks of faux wood we both got a glint in our eyes.
We picked up four boxes of these planks on sale for $23 a box.

We've put down several of these floors. They are super economical and installation is very quick.

It would have been nice to have the concrete carry through, but at this point we're just ready to have a kitchen floor that wasn't previously spotted in a nightmare.

We're over half way through with installation and we plan to pick up some new baseboards.

Here's a little peak at our new kitchen floor, minus baseboards.

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