Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Farm Table Facelift

Above - a sneaky peaky - Keep reading to see our farm table go from mean green to out of sight black and white.

If you've been reading then you'll remember this Craigslist find that my hubby tracked down. We got a table, five chairs, and small credenza for $40. I still have to track down a sixth chair.

As of right now, the credenza hasn't been touched, but let's focus on the positive.

I picked up this primer...

I also picked up this stuff, below, in semi-gloss white for the chairs and flat black for the table.
This is not one of the actual cans but they were this brand and type.
Prime and paint...

Get rained on and have to bring everything in... Choke on fumes and gag...
Bump into wet chairs a million times... Contemplate throwing the paintbrush and furniture out the window... Decide against that and continue painting ..

Finally finish!... Yearn to jump for joy... Realize you have no energy to jump for joy... Settle on a big grin... Beam at your new beautiful table legs and chairs... Get inspired to tackle the credenza... After a few days rest of course. (I am sick with a cold, after all.)

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  1. You can never go wrong with black and white furniture. You gave your set a whole new life!

  2. Fabulous makeover! Love the results! They look straight out of Pottery Barn! Well done!


  3. This space looks really nice now! Paint is the instant fix.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments. We are enjoying it's new look immensely. :)

  5. I want one!! I LOVE the white chairs paired with the dark table and how you have a couple mismatched chairs with it. TOO CUTE good job

  6. I have one that is kinda like that and I wanted to do something close to yours! It looks so great that I think that I want too!

  7. What a great makeover! I like how you used two types of chairs and the white paint really helped tie the different chairs together. Now they look like they were meant to be together. Black and white is a classic. Great job!

  8. Hi, I'm stopping by from somewhat simple. This really gives this set - that you all the time, a fresh look.


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