Monday, January 4, 2010

Rejuvenation - without monetary exasperation

The feeling of rejuvenation is still upon us. The new year always brings about a revaluations of objects and furnishings in our home, not that it isn't the same junk that we've looked at all year. But somehow the days of January and even February seem to usher in new perspective.

Could it be that freezing temperatures help the brain to function better?

Well, as we look around and make our list of things that need to go and things that we need to take their place, I realize that the bookcase, that's been shoved into the living room corner for what feels like a lifetime, is really annoying to me visually.

It's stiff tall stature infringe upon the space like a great soldier. It's almost comical how it's been forced into such a small space, due to the purchase of an extra long sofa.
The opportunity to add lighting in this dark corner is great, too.
I didn't buy anything for this simple move around. I just changed the side my end table was on and hung some art above. I plan to add a traditional end table on the other side.
One like this...
(I'm thinking creamy paint and glaze once I track one of these babies down!)

Move your mouse back and forth on the picture below to see the change.

Notice the new Goodwill buys stacked above the sofa?

I would prefer to move the couch down if it weren't so long. We bought it for our "future house". I like it to sit directly across from the entertainment area, so this is where it must stay since no other wall is long enough. I wish it weren't right on the wall either but the floor plan won't allow for it.

We, hubby and I, have some very traditional design aesthetics when it comes to how we hang and situate things.

As you can see, we also have a mid-century side. Some of my biggest loves are large open spaces and floor to ceiling windows.

I think I appreciate all design types, though.
Maybe it comes with helping my grandmother decorate endless amounts of Victorian and country styled homes. Ah, but those are stories for another time.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from the new HGTV Dream Home 2010....
(Don't you love how they carried the beautiful blues through the house!)

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  1. Thanks! I love all your great treasures on your blog! :)


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