Wednesday, July 1, 2009

About This Mom

Hi y'all!

Okay, I had to say it just for fun.

I'll start off by saying that I was born and raised in the South.
I get the where are you from question a lot. Then the awkward, "I'm from here." Then comes, "But where are you originally from?"
So there you go... I was born in the South and I sound like it. ;)

Besides being a southern lady, I'm also the perfect wife to a wonderful husband. Okay, you can strike the perfect part, but I do try.
We have three awesome kids, two girls and a boy - in that order. They are our precious gifts from God and everyday with them is a blessing.

So how did this blog begin? Well, I started this blog as an outlet for me to share ideas and write down my thoughts. The thoughts that I share here mostly deal with decor but sometimes wonder to party planning, recipes, crafts, and who knows what else.

I do find myself mentally decorating and brainstorming all the time. My husband and I love to hit junk shops and we're avid DIY'ers. For me, it all spawned from working with my grandmother. She was an interior decorator and I worked with her for several years; really that could say my entire life because in her eyes I was never to young to tag along. She's no longer with us but her energy and passion seem to fill my soul. Other friends and family members also contributed to my love of all things home. Luckily, my hubby shares my passion for making our space "ours". That means that I not only get a handsome man to grow old with but I also get a junkin' buddy, someone who tolerates my salvaging of items that others have left out for trash pick-up, and a friend and companion during my hours roaming the antique galleries.

We invite you to join in and hope you enjoy the pieces of ourselves that we inject into every typed word of this humble blog.

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