Saturday, January 9, 2010

A fishy project & sneak peak at the denim bedroom fabric

It seemed as though the wind was actually speaking to me the other day.
Clunks and bumps... clunks and bumps.
I finally decided to brave the cold to see where the sound was coming from.
So where was the sound coming from?
Well, I had two white fish that were connected by a string through the mouths that I picked up at the antique gallery, though I doubt they are any kind of antique. They were hanging outside this summer and I just never brought them in. They must have been shivering their little scales off because they were making a ton of noise.
I brought them in and washed and dried them.

And then I had a marvelous idea!

Remember these?
Well, I had already hung two of the wood block trivets in the kitchen, across the opening from these.

What better to put on my empty wood trivets than my cute fish?
I took out my utility knife and cut the strings that were in the mouths of the fish. Then I grabbed my handy dandy tube of glue and here's what happened...

I wanted to take a picture of the span but my camera couldn't fit it all into the frame. It would have helped if it weren't a galley kitchen, with no room to back up.

I do love how I can see my catch of the day plaques and my toasty warm fish as I cook up chocolate gravy in the morning.

I really love them in our kitchen, much better than outside.

Now I have to show off my fabric find of the century...

Remember when I said:
"I'm thinking there might be some almost denim fabric in the room, too."
If not you can refer to this post.

I just found these today!

They are actually 3 tabbed curtains. One is short, one is long, and one is a short valance.

How much?
2.99 for the set @ Goodwill!

I'm saving the earth one piece of junk at a time!

The color is actually this color, below. The other pictures have them showing up strangely. Can you see how they look denim?
They feel like a very lightweight denim. I'm going to be hacking them up. ;)
You can see how nice they work with the PB pillowcases.

Okay, I'm off to bed.
Church in the morning and hopefully some Dunkin Donuts. ;)

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