Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Some decor additions

Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, turkey, dressing, homemade rolls, and glazed carrots are all waiting to get made while I indulge my decorating addiction.
I haven't put all my new purchases in place but these two cast-offs have found spots to call home, for now anyway.

So, where did this pheasant go?


Okay, you don't get credit for that one. My picture cropping gave that one away. lol.

I've been loving the feathers and natural decor this Christmas so I think me finding her was meant to be.

She looks good from any angle.
That shutter is for holding Christmas cards and photos that we get in the mail this time of year. I have extras that we'll spice up for a "Fabulous Friday" gift. ;)

Now, what about the homeless fish?

He has now found a new home here...

I hung him about four inches lower than the door frames in the room. He brings some color to the large gray area above the television and adds height.

Side note ~ My demonic camera seems to wash out color and depth. It's got a flash that could kill a vampire 40 miles away. It turned the screen on the T.V. a creepy white so I blocked it out in black. The wall color is really a light gray and the white background of the two side photos contrast more than what is visible in the photo.

Check back soon for my cheap and easy countdown for Christmas decorating and stay tuned for our Friday gift idea!
(I'm super excited about it!!!)

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