Sunday, November 8, 2009

Room Ramblings

I'm just relaxing and feeling a bit icky so I thought I would go through some pics and ramble about what I like about each one. Won't you ramble with me?
Feel free to comment about what you like. The more comments, the less I feel like I'm talking to myself... hehehe.

credits for this photo
This picture gave me an epiphany. Can you guess why?
If you guessed the baskets neatly lined up in a row under the bed, you would be correct!

I love the fact that there is no attempt to hide the under the bed storage. And, why would you need to with such tidy little baskets all in a row... and perfectly sized I might add.
This room is functional! I like that. I like the happy yellow lamps that can lean in over a good book in the evening. I like the extra blanket lying on the end of the bed, ready for those chilly nights. The white bedding is a plus, too. (I'm a big fan of white bedding with touches of color.) The shadow boxes are another yummy feature. I've been planning on doing something with a shadow box for the bathroom. You'll have to check back to see what comes of that project. ;)

credits for this photo

I chose this photo because of three things. One... I love how the red brings the color pallet to life. Blues and greens work great together and are very soothing but the red gives a vibrancy to the normally calm pallet of blue and green, like yin and yang. Second... I love how the black touches add a bit of class to the very colorful room. Third, I like how the thin legs of the furniture are balanced by the very squat stools. Well done!

credits for this photo

What lovely windows you have my dear! Yep... Love the windows! I also like the neutral color pallet. It would be very easy to switch out the chair and two red pillows for a completely different feeling. And before I go, drum roll please... Those floors and the ceiling are just plain gorgeous! BAM!

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