Sunday, November 22, 2009

A relaxing holiday weekend

This weekend was as near perfect as I can imagine - sans the beach.
We spent Saturday outside enjoying the fall scenery. We all had a wonderful time, especially the ducks.

Afterward, we drove around looking at houses and neighborhoods. I spotted some really nice home in the 1 million dollar range. lol.
I did spot some reasonably priced homes, too. They looked so tidy that I had to snap pics. My hubby said we probably looked like we were "casing the joint" in our minivan.

After all that, the whole family was starving... starving for cookies!... so we went over to this fine establishment.

They have the best butter cookies I've ever tasted. MMMM!
They ship cookies, too. ;) Just click the picture for the link - because I would hate to deny anyone such fabulous cookies.

Sunday we got up to go to church but didn't make it. Our son was sneezing left and right. I'm pretty sure it's allergies but we ended up staying home after thinking that there might be a chance of infecting everyone in his room.

Now, what do you do with a gloomy Sunday afternoon?

Go antiquing, of course.
We headed down to our favorite gallery and looked around. When we first came in I spotted this. I loved the frame.

We wound up not buying any decorative items but it was nice to look around.
The gallery had holiday music playing and a spread of cookies, cakes, and juice. Everyone was in a festive mood and it was relaxing to stroll around amidst all the old treasures in their newly found Christmas atmosphere. I usually don't breakout my Christmas sweater this early but I felt especially festive today and decided to wear it. Very serendipitous don't you think?

(Yes, I love themed sweaters and I wear them shamelessly. Fellow holiday sweater wearers, you are always welcome here.)

Amid all that Christmas spirit, I did find one treasure that I could find a place for... I'm still thinking about getting this table. I'm trying to be more responsible about my purchases. Trying is the key word there.

I'm sure my hubby would like me to pass on it. I do love it though.

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend, too. If not, take a stroll backwards in time through some treasures like these.

I'm sure your Monday will be much better. ;)

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