Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabulous, Fantastic, and Frugal Friday - Gift No. 3 - Candle & Candy Set

This week we have a beautiful gift set, or a "keep set" for that matter. At this price you could probably afford to make tons of them.

No, this is not the gift
you may remember this from a while back...

I don't like to spend a fortune on decor but... well... um... let's face it... those items at the dollar stores are often too small in scale for most homes. My solution to this has been to meander through said stores and put items together. The above is a Dollar Tree pizza pan stacked on top of a silver tone candle holder.

Here's the link:

This craft is another one of those "put together" crafts.

First, you'll need some supplies...

candlestick(s), vase(s) or bowl(s), strong glue that will work for glass, and paint in the color of your choice IF you don't like the color they are
BTW, be careful with E6000 and heat. It's not recommended for lots of heat. I use it but never at really hot temperatures.
I got my candlesticks and glassware at the Dollar Tree.

I'm usually never without this glue and black spray paint, but I happened to not be able to find my glue and was out of paint. That means that you get the pleasure of looking at a nice new can and tube instead of my icky ones. :)

Next on the list, spray paint or don't spray paint your candlesticks. If you do spray paint... Don't forget to paint the inside of the candlestick - you know, where the candle sits.

(If you click the picture above you can see how well the Dollar Tree candlesticks worked out. Once I painted them black the texture and color made them look like wrought iron.)

While that dries grab your glassware and peel off the stickers. Clean and dry it well. Then, get your dry candlesticks and runs some glue around the part that will touch the glass. Line up the glass so it will be centered over the candlestick and sit it down onto the glued candlestick like this:

Let it your glue dry and your done!

Pretty easy, huh?

... and cost? How about a whopping $4, not including paint and glue???

Now, what can you do with these?

Well, this craft started when I went out to find something to make a bowl on a pedestal for bath soaps. That's one idea.

I spotted these tall vases while I was looking for wood letters for another Friday gift idea.
To be honest, I have been keeping my eyes peeled since I saw this:
(Page 54, bottom left corner)
They've been out for a while but I liked the look with the top off and the beans at the bottom.
I steal tons of ideas from these catalogs. I've got another Friday gift idea coming from these pages, too.
So, that makes a second idea.

Here are the ones I made, sitting on our mantel.
Candy dish - idea 3

I wanted to use some small pebbles under the candle but forgot to get them. When I saw such large glass vases at the Dollar Tree, I forgot everything else. LOL.

These would be really cute filled with sewing notions in a craft room, too - idea 4.

How about stenciling on some glass etching liquid and monogramming them?

Give them filled with stuff or unfilled. Either way, one or two of these make a fabulous gift.

There's tons you can do with these cuties.

Now, go make them yours or someone else's. :)

Happy Crafting!

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