Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Modified Light Fixture

When the Cellula Chandelier came out I was head over heals, but buying it was just not going to happen. I can justify buying certain things; however, that was one price tag I just couldn't swallow. I immediately went on a mission to get my hands on something similar.

I know this is a far cry but bare with me. ROLF!

I rushed to the store to search for something that I could transform. I didn't think to take before photos because I wasn't blogging at the time. The before photo would have looked much like this, though - gold bars, white frosty glass shades - This one is much better than what mine looked like. Mine had gold on the frosty glass shades and an old pattern.

My $18 substitution got it's shades taken off and a layer of silver paint. Then I marched myself down to a lighting and resale shop and bought 14 strings of prisms with pins for less than $20. I had a roll of thin silver colored wire at home. I used needle-nose pliers to bend the wire and pins. I cut pieces big enough to go over the bar of the fixture and curl on each end. Under that I made an "s" shape wire to give some length and connect the two curled ends. I then used the pins but looped the end so that the "s" wire could hook in.

After adding my little jewels, I had this...

It's not exact but it's the same modern but glamorous sparkly feeling that I love about the Cellula. I had planned on buying some more glass prisms but I wanted to see how full it looked before I bought more. Needless to say, I never made it back to get anymore. Hmmm... I guess that needs to go on my to-do list.

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  1. WOW!! I love this idea!!! It is perfect! Thinking I need to copy this one for sure!
    Mama Holli

  2. I love this chandelier! How brave of you to tackle something electrical. You did a great job!

  3. I like it just the way it is! It turned out fabulous! I love the new color.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments. Feel free to copy it all you want. :)


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