Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rooms... toddler boy's room

This room belongs to our 2 year old son. I may even be able to rummage around and find some before pictures later.I don't like super themey rooms in my house. I like them in the homes of others but not so much en mi casa. (It sounds odd, I know.) This was our attempt at converting our son's nautical nursery into a clean and simple pirate room. As you can see, my hubby and I tend to lean toward being minimalist. Here is how it got to this point.The first thing we did in this room, even before it was his nursery, was pull up ugly blue carpeting. The country blue carpet was probably original to this late 70's tract home. It was brown in high traffic areas with a really awesome odor. We cut the carpet into pieces and pulled it out of the room along with all the wood slats that help your carpet stay down. That left us with nails in the concrete around the room's perimeter. DIYers that we are, we figured we could cut them flush and asked about some type of saw. Nobody knew what we we talking about and neither did we at that point in time. We wound up popping them out with a crow bar and filling holes with a $7 bottle of concrete patch. We scrubbed and etched the floors. We stained the concrete slightly gray but we left it very natural by washing it off quickly. Then we put on a concrete sealer so it had a bit of shine. The smell of the sealer was so strong that we abandoned the house all day and left all the windows open. When we got back it was still terrible and it took about a week to smell decent. In my opinion, it was well worth the nostril burns I suffered. LOL. We moved the floor trim down because it was too high from being placed above the carpeting. The spots we filled in ended up being way lighter so I had to go back and faux each one to try and match the floor... around sixty nail holes later the floor looked like this. Oh, and after we finished a few more rooms we found out that what we had needed was a rotary/ cutting tool.
I got the sign above the bed at Old Time Pottery for about $5. The paddles were Dollar Tree items and the wooden wheel was a mark down from Michaels. It was unfinished wood and it was mega clearanced, down to about a dollar or two. I took those three items and painted them brown. After they were dry, I used very little white paint on a dry brush to go over the paddles and ship's wheel. The curtains and bedding were made by me. They are all rectangles. Even the striped fabric is just a rectangle with boating rope tied to scrunch it up. The appliquest are just cut outs of fabric that I zig zag stitched around. The bed was a $100 Craigslist purchase.
The bookcase is nothing fabulous but it does the job. We keep the items we don't want him to mess with up high.
This is a good shot of the chair rail that we ran around the room. Well, it's not really chair rail. It's a much cheaper trim that we used as chair rail... shhhh. We did our budget friendly chair rail as we were making the room into a nursery. The map painting was done by me. I used scrapbook stickers on it for the compass. In the other frame there are different types of knots used in sailing. My wonderful friend gave that to us. His toys are either on the bookshelf, in the closet or in/on this train table. I'm not much on dressers and chest of drawers, so all of his clothes make their home in the closet. I'm not big on rugs either. Rugs just tend to catch crumbs around here. Before I had three crumb monsters I loved rugs, now I look at them as just another thing to clean. Maybe when they get a bit older I'll get rugs again. ;) We still need to scrape those celings down and buy a few more things for his wall but I don't plan to do much else in here. I hope you enjoyed looking. Feel free to tell me what you like or hate about the room.

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