Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New items throwing your room off...

Have you ever bought, added, or had something happen to a room and it just threw everything off? Something that made you rethink the whole room?

That's what has happened to every room in our house over the past year.

The white colored living room furniture got the boot and we got a new couch and black chair...

I loved the white, but with three kids I was constantly cleaning microfiber. I'd rather be a fun mom than a stressed out mom complaining over every Cheetoh stained finger. (I know, I should be more calm, but I was cleaning the whole set every other day - top to bottom!)
We also added an electric fireplace. That purchase limited the amount of seating we could have.
You can see how that would throw things off. I still don't know which way I want to go with the room. I would love a sleek mid-century room

but I also love many other styles.

It may come down to a comb. For now, I'm up in the air.

Then, during vacation we picked up two hermit crabs for the girls. They came in a cage the size of a milk carton.

The guy that sold them to us said that it was all they needed. After thinking that over I googled it and found out that he either lied or just didn't know what he was talking about. (I hope it was the latter.) Now the girls have... drum roll please... a 55 gallon tank with 8 crabs. It turns out that those things need as many friends as you can accommodate and a big tank to romp and roam.
We have the monster tank on this...

That's a cabinet the girls use as an American Girl house. It has curtains on the front. We used a shower curtain rod to hold it in place. The tension rod was too much of a light weight for the kids. ;) Anyway, the problem is that the cabinet is so deep that it's blocking the door. Oh, and I never got around to repainting it. How ashamed I feel. :(
And, did I mention that the cabinet is so tall that I have to get a chair to gain access to the crabbies?

The tank is an eyesore to me, with it's Saran Wrap to keep humidity up, heat lamp on top (not pictured), and cords and pumps galore. I cropped it this way to show how I feel about it. (Love the crabs, Not the mess)

Our bedroom also got a change, a new bed and cheap bookcases to store a ton of homeschool stuff. Those reproduce yearly, yay. (sarcasm intended)

I'm feeling some spunk to get things going, though. My hubby is feeling the spunk too. He actually said something about needing some trim on the girls walls... keep watching... I'm sure we'll have a project up and running soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with a tip and an awesome redo.
Use the furniture you have in a new way instead of throwing it out.

Here's an example I found on the Better Homes and Gardens website:

I've also seen these turned into amazing kitchen sets. ;)

Click here if you want to see! (It's worth the click!)

See you all tomorrow!
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