Monday, December 7, 2009

A Coastal Christmas Continued

Time for two more ideas. These are both ideas for revamping items into new Christmas ornaments.

First off, the inspiration....

I absolutely love the boats and was thinking of a way to replicate the look. My mind wondered to this...

Do you know where I'm going now?

These things snap apart.  You could easily snap them apart and paint them. Afterward, rub on some brown and wipe off to give them some depth and age. Leave them bright and fresh for a more modern feel.

The next item is your old Christmas balls. Just wrap them with jute or a thin strip of burlap and you have a frugal update for your tree. This one has some sequin trim.

While thinking about this, I thought about revamping those large glass balls with netting, like this, to make them look like glass floats.

Just remove the cap, wrap on netting, and add jute twine to gather the netting around the nub where the cap was. You may want to add some low temperature hot glue to secure the ball in place. Now you're in business.

These are some large glass floats but you can see how easily it would be to replicate with netting and glass ornaments.

Happy crafting!
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