Friday, December 11, 2009

Fabulous, Fantastic, and Frugal Friday - Gift No. 6 - Winter Face Mask

I'll start this post by asking you not to run away in terror from the crochet and my little outlaw, above. If you add his hat and coat, he wouldn't look like he were about to rob a bank. lol.
This project can be done easily with a few very easy crochet skills. If you don't know how, try it because you just might love it. It's much easier than you think. ;)

Things to know before you start:
  •   I used a size "H" crochet hook for a better stretch.
  •  You will want, at least, an approximate measurement on the length and width for this. I used a string to go around my son's head and then laid that next to my yard stick. My son's circumference (width) was 10.5" around and I just kept trying it on to see if the length was good. It will stretch a bit so I made his 10.5" and let it stretch with his head to be a bit loose. I held it to the yard stick when I made the starting chain to get the right width/circumference. It's length will go from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the neck with a little more length to scrunch up a bit.
  • If unsure about width use buttons. Directions for that will be below.
  • You will need this to weave in any ends, to join the ends, and to add buttons... (They are just plastic yarn needles.)


I could have went to the trouble of making a video, but this is not the week for that and why go to the trouble when it's already available to you.

Start here:
These videos are in order to complete this project. Be sure to read my instructions, too.

Then make a chain the width/circumference of the mask (this measurement should circle the head completely - around the nose, face, back of head) and add one extra chain stitch. If you aren't exactly sure, make it a bit bigger and we'll add buttons later. If you are sure but like the idea of buttons, make it an inch more to add buttons.
Here is how you make a chain.

Then you will do single crochet stitches to finish it. Be sure to do your first single crochet stitch in the second stitch from your hook, so skip one from your hook. It's the very first stitch she does. She puts her hook in the second chain from the hook, like this...
(This is just a picture that demonstrates the first step of the video below a bit more clearly.)

 Continue, just like in the video to get the length/nose bridge to bottom of neck measurement.

When you get to the end of your last row you'll need to end like this. Of course, your rectangle will be much larger. The size in this video would fit a barbie. ;) Leave a 2 foot tail.

You should now have something like this:
Okay, so I made this picture because my batteries were down. lol...

 Now, proceed to the buttons or no buttons options below...

First, No Buttons Option
  If you want buttons, skip down to Buttons Option.

You will then join ends. Fold both ends to the center so they meet, if you don't want buttons.

The you will do zigzag the tail through like this:
(It doesn't really have to be in any particular place. I just randomly do this.)

When I get to the top I put my yarn on the inside and go through a loop with a double knot and then weave in my leftover tail for security. To weave in the tail is to do just that, weave the needle in and out of loops to "hide" the tail and help keep the knot secure.

If you made it here, CONGRATULATIONS! You have an awesomely warm face mask gift!
Now, Buttons Option

You should now weave in your tail. To weave in the tail is to do just that, weave the needle in and out of loops down the side where your tail is to "hide" the tail and help keep the knot secure.
Go down, yellow color, and back up, pink color. This doesn't have to be exact, just skip around down the side. I usually back track and circle around a stitch as I head down the yellow.

Then sew on buttons with matching yarn. The buttons should be just big enough that the holes of your crochet work can stretch over them, but not be too loose.

You would button the buttons into the opposite end of the mask, down the back of the head.

If you too made it here, CONGRATULATIONS! You have an awesomely warm face mask gift!

Now go give this gift your favorite little or big buddy. They'll appreciate having a cozy nose and cheeks all winter long.
BTW, I don't recommend making this in black,lol, not unless you plan to weave a design into it. ;)

Happy Gift Giving

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