Thursday, December 10, 2009

Clean Bedrooms

In search of bedroom inspiration...

Love how clean the room above looks! The old finds, like the bed, table, and old beams, help to cozy it up.

I'll take that view. lol. Beyond that, I l-o-v-e the chair and how they wrapped the room in white. The blues and whites in the rug are a nice nautical touch.

I'm not a big fan of peach. I chalk that up to getting my fill during the '80's but this is so nicely done that I may rethink my peach abhoration.
I love the beds on ropes with their chunky wood boards. Although, that wouldn't be functional with my terrible motion sickness. I, however, can spot some things that would work for me. I love the fruit paintings. If you read my post a while back... I feel validated!... there are other bedrooms that have fruit, too! lol. In addition, the black in this room appeals to me, of course. I really like the balance of color with pieces that dress up the room, like the black accessories. And, I could, most certainly, "hang with" that light fixture.

Now, this troop leader is off to pack for a Girl Scout meeting!
See you back tomorrow evening with another Friday gift!
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