Tuesday, October 27, 2009

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So, as I was reading 2 other blogs, I was thinking about how glamorous it would be to actually get my ramshackle house printed in a magazine. I thought about this for a few days before my sad mommy brain remember the fact that... YES! This little tract home has been printed in a magazine... this magazine...
No, it didn't pay and it was just a local magazine but it was pretty cool. How did I ever forget that! We were so excited to get chosen and it happened so unexpectedly. You see, a mom in a mommy group that I am in had asked if any of us had inexpensively converted a baby room to a toddler room. I didn't think much of it but answered her with pics and a little description. She sent my story to the magazine and I'm still not sure of the details. I guess she worked there or wrote for them sometimes. So, it's the next month or so and I get an e-mail saying that they are sending out a lady to get the story and a photographer! I was thrilled. I rushed to touch up paint and bought a new set of silver doorknobs for our son's closet and door. The morning of the big event was a morning of letting the kids sleep in. It was a morning of rushing to mop the floor so it would be nice for the shoot and not a morning of getting ready or even washing my face! After getting my story and shooting the room the photographer decides that he would like to take a pic of me and the kids in the front yard! YIKES! As you can imagine we didn't look very polished in this picture but we took the pic, nevertheless, and the rest is history.
(BTW, did you notice that the knobs didn't get in the picture?)
The room has changed since this write-up. My hubby decided our son had to have this a train table and the $50 price tag at a local consignment store was just too good to pass up. I'm not much on cluttered spaces so we nixed the toy box and his tool table. The drawers under his train table hold all toys that once made their home in his toy box. (Yes, it's a monster of a train table.) The tool table is currently sitting in the living room and irritating me every second of the day. :) Here are some new pics of his room. This is the view from the door.
His bookshelf sits opposite his bed. It holds extra toys, books, and items that were given to him at birth. I took the pic of half of the bookcase to give you some perspective of where the bookcase sits.
(Don't you hate it when you see pics of one wall of a room? I always wonder about those walls that I didn't get to see... what great decorating ideas and eye candy I missed... I'll cry on the inside for all those walls that I never got to see. *sigh*)
Here is the the monstrous train table. It sits on the wall opposite his window. I love it because he doesn't throw his trains all over the floor... as much.
I've been promising myself that I would blog every other day at the least. Hopefully I'll have my whole house up soon. The good, bad, and the ugly. LOL!
Happy Decorating!

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