Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Makeover - Walmart bathroom accessories

For those of you that I haven't scared away by my previous post, I am posting one of those projects that I didn't get around to posting during the time I took off to work on insulating our laundry room...

As a lover of words and white, these really caught my eye.

The thing I didn't like about this set was the toothbrush holder. Most kids' brushes have very chubby handles and we like to stow a travel toothpaste in the brush holder. Since our cabinets are childproof it allows the children to access their toothpaste without getting into the cabinets. ;)

I found a set of plain ones at Wal-mart for $1.50 each.

They aren't exact but they are plain and simple, although I don't love the white plastic pump.

I cut out a few words in cricut vinyl on my cricut cutter and stuck them on my cheapo finds.

They've been on there for about a month. They haven't peeled or lifted one smidge. Pretty good, in my opinion.

We painted the bathrooms, too. In this bathroom, the walls were khaki in color but the warm weather inspired us to paint it a beachy blue. I also tackled the icky ceramic soap and toothbrush holders that were set into the wall.

Ah... it's nice what some drywall, drywall clips, and joint compound will do to big square holes. I still have plans for above the toilet but for now this is the shot I'm posting. ;)

I hope everyone that tours the house will love it, too. Maybe enough that we get a contract? :)

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  1. What great ideas you have! I'd might try to make the bathroom accessories for my kids bathroom. I'd love to see before pics if you have any - I'm having trouble visualizing the soap dispenser set into the wall!! Looks fabulous now!

  2. I found a before picture of that area. I added it above. The holes they left were nearly as big as the holders. And to think, it only took nine years to replace them. LOL!

  3. I love this...I may have to steal it! =)

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