Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cluck, Cluck!!!

Yep, that's right we have...

No, not sparrows and if anyone guessed nuggets, for shame!

Baby hens a.k.a. pullets!

You see, this is called a chicken tractor (minus the wire in this picture)...

It may not be a carpenter's idea of square but I designed it and built it myself.
Okay, my hubby did help a bit. After all, I couldn't unload the 4x8 sheet so luan alone.

So, what exactly is a chicken tractor you ask?

In a nut shell, it's a home for chickens that you can move around. Chickens will eat weeds and yard bugs, and leave you one of the best fertilizers you can get.
Like any fertilizer, too much will kill your vegetation so being able to move their area around is ideal... Voila! chicken tractor.

We've never had chickens so this has been a big to do.
We figured if we can give some hens a happy home, give our kids a fun pet, collect high quality eggs, and get all the yard benefits, why not!

We do plan to add on to their area but for now they have plenty of room.

It's been said that navy is the new black.
I say...
Chickens are the new cat!

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