Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Rewind

As usual the first stop for Easter decor was Goodwill. I picked up some fabulously tacky gold ceramic 1980's eggs, a primitively carved wooden bunny, and on old jug. The moonshine jug, as I refer to it, was an awesome score at 2.99.

After some white paint and a letter "E" the ugly duck egg turned into a beautiful swan... egg.

How funny that weeks after my mantle scape we made a last minute decision to visit a farm for Easter festivities. No fancy bunny in a proper Easter bonnet here! This bunny came out of his tin roof cabin to greet us. He even had an outhouse, the door roughly carved with a crescent moon. I think he may have been the previous owner of the old moonshine bottle. I noticed the empty one in the background. ;)

Ahh, but those tacky gold eggs did inspire our art lesson. (I teach a free art class for a small group of homeschoolers.) We studied a bit of Russian history and Faberge' and his wonderful eggs. Then, the kids recreated their own with gold paint and scrap embellishments. The picture above is of just a few of the ones that were made.

Hope you all had a great week!

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  1. Wow! You did score big at Goodwill! Love the monogrammed egg! Never would have thought it. Your comment about your 2 year old not wanting to look like a baby cracked me up. My 4 year old says that. Can't believe yours is saying it at 2. Sounds like he's going to have a mind of his own!

  2. Yeah, thanks to my new cricut anything that's not moving gets vinyl. hehehe. Our two year old... I can only shake my head and hope he turns out okay. lol.


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